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Wedding/Party Favors

As all of our chocolates are handmade and homemade, the customizing options can be endless when thought of in advance! If you know what you would like and come and talk to us we can most likely make it happen! From chocolate pop molds, 2D molds, or your favorite chocolates in a bag or a box, themed to your occasion. We can make it happen!

Small Number Boxes 

Either 2 or 4-piece boxes that are perfect for a few mini truffles, some caramels with sea salt or not, or even some creams or gels. The possibilities are endless! 

Cellophane Bags

Perfect in 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, or 1-pound bags, filled with any gummy candy, or chocolate that you find in the glass jars located all around our stores! 

Molds and Pops

Whether it's for a baby shower or a random party, the plastic molds we have in our store are endless! You can even bring your own molds in and we can fill them with our chocolate for your event! 

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